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fefifo_life -

Fe Fi Fo

Life on Planet Earth - Available on CD Baby

nco_dvd_cd -

No Cheez Orchestra

NCO - Live DVD / CD set - Available on CD Baby

Impulsivity -

Social Relapse

Impulsivity - Available from Joe "Big Papa" Sags

Judgement Gun -

No Cheez Orchestra

Judgement Gun (Single) - Available on CD Baby

Antithesis of Our Time -

Styrocultural Antidote

Antithesis of Our Time - Available on CD Baby

SA  Live -

Styrocultural Antidote

SA Live-DVD\CD set - Available on CD Baby

No Cheez Orchestra Live -

No Cheez Orchestra

NCO Live-DVD\CD set - Available on CD Baby

Musingsin Three Movements -

No Cheez Orchestra

Musings in Three Movements - Available on CD Baby

Social Relapse -

Social Relapse with Joe 'Big Papa' Sags

2010 A.D. - Available on CD Baby

Mummarts and Bogarts -

No Cheez Orchestra

Mummarts and Bogarts - Available on CD Baby

Vestal Claret -

Vestal Claret

Blood Bath guest version LP - Bass on three Tracks

3 Incarnation CD -

Styrocultural Antidote

3 Incarnaton - Available on CD Baby

Ballet of the Elephant -

Styrocultural Antidote

Ballet of the Elephant - Available on CD Baby

3 Incarnation DVD -

Styrocultural Antidote

3 Incarnation DVD - Available on CD Baby

Naked Thursday -

Naked Thursday with Joe 'Big Papa' Sags

Total Exposure - Available on CD Baby

War and Pom Poms -

No Cheez Orchestra

War and Pom Poms - Available on CD Baby

Observing Life thru Traffic -

Styrocultural Antidote

Observing Life through Traffic - Available on CD Baby

Upwards of Endtime -

Upwards of Endtime

From Genesis to Apocalypse and Beyond - Production amd Mixing

Earthlord -


Earthmission - Bass on two Tracks

Stupid Like Cow -

Styrocultural Antidote

Stupid Like Cow - Mixing duties with Ron CD Baby

Sing, Laugh, and Learn -

Mr. Joe

Sing, Laugh, and Learn - Children's performer Joe Rosano CD Baby

Mercenary -


Project to honor Kevin Nugent

Frack -


Terra Aetheral - New Age release with Multi Talented Jack Dringoli

Legend -


From the Fjords - Metal Masterpiece with Kevin Nugent and Ray Frigon

Works in Progress

No Cheez Logo -

Gang' Rear - From NCO

Bass tracks in progress. - with Fran Merante

SA Logo -

Take Me to Your Leader

SA Release with Ron and Jeremy Schulick coming soon