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Mentors, Friends, and Events from Present to Past

StyroCultural Projects

StyroCultural Antidote - No Cheez Orchestra - Fe Fi Fo

Love us or Hate us, there is no denying the Sonic Pummeling one feels at a Live Styro Show. The By Product of Ronnie Neuhauser's Over-Active Mind, bands include No Cheez Orchestra and multiple versions of the Instrumental Trio, Styrocultural Antidote. Toss in the Acoustic Ensemble Fe Fi Fo and listen to thought provoking, musically challenging, ever changing ideas. Musicians past and present include Ronnie Neuhauser, Jeremy Schulick, Jon White, Jason Gavin, Trish Radil, Dean Kosh, Fran Merante, Jim Townsend.

Musical Explorations, Growth, and Learning

As a musician one must include practice to reach new heights not only technically, but intellectually. This can be the most difficult part. It is easy to get in a rut, stagnate, and become comfortable with no desire to move forward. If I have learned anything throughout the years, it is to keep an open mind, listen to all genres, and seek those that will help attain your goals. "Just Intonation" is one direction. Check out Jon Catler. I was fortunate to spend the better part of a day with the man and it opened up a whole new world.

Cookin' with RoseMary

Edgy Original Rock with Gerard Bianco, Gina Bianco, Anthony Bianco, EricHolland, Fred Melillo.

Country Time

Back to Roots! For about a year I had the pleasure of gigging with Bill Edwards and Laurel Kilbourn. I was not a country fan when joining but soon converted.


Fred Melillo - Jack Dringoli

Frack Logo

Recorded the New Age album Terra Aethereal and Produced the album Mercenary, a Tribute to Kevin Nugent. Frack was featured in KeyBoard Magazine's Discovery's Column, 1988.


A Band for All Seasons, Majesty enjoyed a long run as one of Connecticut's most popular bands. Band Mates include Bernie Gagliardi, John Anderson, Ray Francis, Scott and Anne Pacelli, Jack Dringoli, Maria D'Amato and Maria Leandre Douglas. Most memorable gigs include playing the WWF functions.


Ray Frigon - Kevin Nugent - Fred Melillo

Legend Logo

A Force to be Reckoned with, Legend was a Power Trio before the term was fashionable. Three musicians that can read each others minds and put out a sound like no other. The Album "From the Fjords" has become a Classic Collector's Item. More info about the band can be found from the following Interviews:

With Perry Grayson - Hellridemusic

With Steven Cannon - VoD


Solid In Your Face Rock. The core of this band was keyboardist Bernie Gagliardi and drummer John Anderson. Many musicians rotated thru Edge including: Kevin Nugent, John Capocitti, Gus Dabovic, John Borys, Jim Sharkey, George Golia, and more that I can't recall. Edge enjoyed a loyal following playing CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, NY and ME. This band was a great time!


Played all the old Standards mixed in with Rock, Pop, and (shudder) Disco. An excellent experience to be exposed to so many musical styles playing Clubs and Social Events at a very young age.. Sundance members; Tony Severino on keys, Al Paolillo on drums, John Paolillo on guitar, Barry Fleischer on Sax.


The First Band Worthy of Mention. West Haven based Rock band with John Russello on keys, John D'Amato on guitar, vocalist Mike Watts, and Eddie Onofrio on drums. Exit played quite often considering we were young teenagers. John Russello, known today as John Russell, owns Presence Recording Studios in Westport CT.


The Educational Center for the Arts , ECA, is a public arts magnet high school located in New Haven, CT. It offers five departments in the visual and performing arts: Music, Dance, Theatre, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts. Students take academic courses in their hometown schools and come from across the state to study their chosen artform in the afternoon. Students applying must prepare a portfolio or musical piece for audition. John D'Amato and I were accepted into the music program from our town. Here we learned heavy doses of musical theory from professional instructors. Pianist Anthony Davis and guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson were among the faculty. With so much Jazz influence it inspired me to revisit the piano, studying with Master Pianist Samuel Yaffee, and take on the Upright Bass. John D'Amato drove me down to DiLeone's Music on State Street in New Haven to purchase an Englehardt Full Double Bass.The look on my parents faces when I carried that beast into the house was priceless.

Upright Bass

ECA will always be a special time for me. Kevin Nugent and I first met here.

Begin Guitar and Bass Lessons

Playing the piano in the late 60's was not the coolest instument to be learning while the airwaves were filled with Hendrix, Cream, and Iron Butterfly. Guitarists were the guys everyone wanted to be, and yes, there were way too many of them. I knew I could play in a band if I played bass so off to Harmony Music on Grand Ave. in New Haven to buy my first bass; a Red Framus Hollow Body Single Pickup. Bass and Guitar Lessons with Gary Friend soon followed. The Framus Bass was a great first instrument but within the year I was ready for my next one; a Gibson EB3 purchased at Banko's in Ansonia. At this time I am in middle school practicing with fellow guitarist and classmate, John D'Amato. John is an excellent guitarist, teacher, and session player now residing in Nashville.

Begin Piano Lessons

Back in 1963 Laura Riccio Melillo, determined to introduce music to the family, purchased a piano from Clinton's Pianos in New Haven CT. Every Saturday morning my mother would drive me to Clinton's for lessons with Judy Farina. I loved it! It was at Clinton's where I first met Mr. Anthony D'Amato. Tony D'Amato was Clinton's resident Piano Tuner and the man who would later set me on the path to study tuning. Mr. D'amato is retired now but gave me his Study materials; Modern Piano Tuning, published 1917.

That piano is now in my living room, and I think of my mother every day.

God Bless Her.